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Nota Fiscal Printout

Brazil have some very specific requirements for printing a nota fiscal and usually have different layouts and data on the nota fiscal form, so before issuing any Nota Fiscal, whether it is on the printed blocks from print shops, online or fiscal printer, an authorization to the State Treasury Offices, which is known as AIDF must be issued.

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How to printout nota fiscal in Brazil?

Written by: Daniel Oliveira (Accountant)

Nota Fiscal is a legal taxation document that aims to register a transfer of ownership goods or possession even commercial activity provided by a company to an individual to another company that is doing business in Brazil. In some situations where the Nota Fiscal Printout (NFe) records monetary values and credit transfers between the both parties, the printed Nota Fiscal is also intended for the collection (Recoverable and Payables) of taxes and non-use features tax evasion.

Nota fiscal printout can also cancel the validity of another nota fiscal returns of processed products, other cancellations or cancellation of products even services contracts provided. In such cases, the nota fiscal printout must be issued and registered as a digital existence document, issued and stored electronically in order to document for tax purposes (NF-e or electronic nota fiscal printout).

The movement of goods or the provision of services, which took place between the parties, whose legal validity is guaranteed by the digital signature sender (guarantee of authorship and integrity) and the receipt by the Tax Administration, the electronic document is needed before the triggering event, however, nota fiscal printout can also be used in wider contexts, such as the regularization of donations, transportation of goods, goods loans, or providing services without financial benefit to the issuing company.

Nota Fiscal Filling Out:
The Nota Fiscal includes a variety of mandatory fields that need to be filled out.

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Nota fiscal is an official document in Brazil that proves the existence of commercial transactions type of input or output goods which took place between both parties.

ERP Medium Companies

Before issuing any Nota Fiscal, whether it is on the printed blocks from print shops, online or fiscal printer, an authorization to the State Treasury Offices.

ERP Big Companies

Most Brazilian companies have very specific requirements for printing a nota fiscal they usually have different layouts and data on the nota fiscal form.



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Brazil Nota Fiscal – Sevem Basic Rules and Assumptions!
Brazil’s 7 step process for NF-e physical goods transactions!

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The Brazil tax authority well known as SEFAZ has defined electronic standard format that all companies must respect to deal business with goods and services, also this “Nota Fiscal Eletronica Printout” (NF-e) file format is officially recognized as the sole and only invoice document of record basis for legal tax compliance purposes.

Basic Requirements Nota Fiscal Printout.

1. Vendors must be able to produce the appropriate XML file approval document from their ERP system;

2. SEFAZ in real time validate and assign NF-e which must be posted back to ERP prior to release of goods;

3. DANFE which is a paper representation is printed and attached with shipment, traditionally invoice and sent to buyer as well via electronic means;

4. Government officials including Customs agents and patrolling police have real-time access into validity of shipment by scanning the DANFE. If shipment doesn’t match released NF-e by SEFAZ, server penalties can be apllied.

5. Buyer receives goods and checks before uploading dock;

6. Merchant receives goods and does a NF-e check with the SEFAZ

7. Receipt of Goods Conformation is sent by receiver to close out transaction with SEFAZ.

Note: Entire process should be archived, logged, and available via a web portal if any discrepancies or investigations are undertaken by government officials.


Como emitir nota fiscal


Issuing Nota Fiscal.

In order to issue Nota Fiscal, you must first be issued an AIDF, which stands for Autorizacao de Impressao de Documentos Fiscais. Getting an AIDF is mandatory, and enables the government to monitor the printing of fiscal documents. There are two different ways to get AIDF:

Electronically: AIDF can be requested online by different parties and institutions, including the Treasury Office, accredited print shops, manufacturers, graphic industry employees, and municipality employees.

Paper request: AIDF in paper form is used in rural areas, or by taxpayers from other Federation states. It can also be used to create security forms, documents printed not under the law, and invoices for transportation services.

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Como emitir nota fiscal


Como emitir nota fiscal

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